Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Deer Visitors

Over the past week we have had at least four deer visitors to the "deer block". Based on the education my deer hunter friends at work are giving, they all appear to be bucks to me due to the antler buttons in front of their ears.

This White-tailed deer has two prominent scars on his left side.  There is a deep scar high up on his back near the spine.  There is a longer and narrower scar behind his left shoulder.  I hope I can use these marks to identify him if he continues to visit.  I'd like to see if I can get pictures of his antler development.

Several minutes later this button buck came to feed.  It has some patchy markings on the left side of it neck that could be from shedding or some unknown injury.

Two nights later the first deer (with the prominent scars) showed up along with a companion.  Their antler "buttons" are pretty easy to see in this picture.  The scarred deer is the one further from the camera.

Early the next morning this antlered fellow showed up.  My friends at work say that bucks generally "drop" their antlers sometime between December and February.  I recently read that if conditions are right (plenty of food, low stress level during breeding season, etc.) that shedding of antlers might be delayed until early April.  I'll keep watching and trying to learn more about these handsome creatures.

The next evening before dark the eight-point buck was back. He was also back during the night, so maybe he will be a regular visitor.

I would be interested in any comments from folks who have knowledge of White-tailed deer.

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